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Extraction Canopies

Extraction Canopies

State of the art Extraction Canopies

Extraction Canopies

Here at R Briggs Ltd we supply, install and commission commercial extraction canopies. We also install all kinds of commercial ventilation systems for all commercial premises.

Features of our Commercial Extraction Canopies

  • HVCA Specification DW/172 compliant centre island and wall type extraction canopies
  • Made from 304 grade DP1 0.9 Stainless Steel
  • Full length filter banks
  • Stainless steel baffle filters and grease collection drawers as standard
  • Extract duct, spiral wound and bespoke
  • Internal canopy lighting
  • Fresh air intake
  • Ambient and tempered air systems
  • Gas Interlock, Gas Proving and CO2 monitoring

Gas Interlock – Proven Reliable Technology

Our Gas Interlock system monitors the working of the extraction or air input fans and allows the gs solenoid value to operate, enabling gas flow to the appliances. If the ventilation ever reaches an unsafe level the gas interlock system will isolate the gas supply.

CO2 Monitoring – Fitted to Existing Gas Interlock Systems

This state of the art system allows a manual override facility in case of extraction fan failure. A CO2 level sensor with cut off the gas if the CO2 levels in the kitchen reach an unsafe level.

The panel will also alarm to indicate a warning before unsafe levels of CO2 pollute the area. This will allow the user to modify the site conditions to prevent full shut down.

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